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     I am Brazilian with a background in Fashion Design and currently live in South Florida. Having lived in many cities in Brazil and the US, multiculturalism plays a natural part in my work, providing insights that enhance the art I create.

     Whether I'm working in immersion drawing or painting, I see a relationship between human nature and nature; therefore, the work is inspired by the connection between humans and nature. The forms that are captured on canvas are organic in essence, continually vibrating but sometimes hidden in our subconscious. The work moves between the threshold of abstract paintings and lyrical drawings.

     I usually start with the concept by asking questions: “If healing, what form would it take, or if I could listen to our planet, what would be its important message at that moment?” When I start a painting, I sometimes pause and use this time to begin a second or third production; I become so involved that I often do not realize I have already returned to the first work and completing it. Intuition does not always have a beginning, middle, and end but it is important to be aware of complementing messages. This is a very dynamic process, necessary to approach gently when the information is revealed.

       Capturing subtle forms usually manifests in abstraction. My work emerges when thoughts from my subconscious come to the forefront of my mind, helping me to become aware beyond the visual.  Teas, herbs, and flowers are used as the basis for colors in my work. By adding tea water to paper and drying it, watercolors reveal subliminal messages. My passion for knowledge draws me towards art, a world where there is still much to be discovered. I am influenced by Science and Nature. I love to paint listening to lectures by scientists, such as Joe Dispenza, Dr. Sergio Felipe, Dr. Edward Bach, and Robert Monroe.

      I am delighted to play a part in something that favorably impacts many people lives - but I am equally happy to do the same for only one person. I like to think that my artistry is an extension of myself; I consistently try to draw parallels between the worlds of nature and human nature, and this view is expressed in my work.

      My audience generally consists of those who are seeking answers to life’s many mysteries but others look at it from more subjective perspectives. Being in touch with my work means viewing the world with less judgment, and appreciating the beauty that lies beyond it every day.

Luciana Boaventura

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